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Enterprise Networks

Products & Solutions for Enterprise Networks

Since 1990 Daro Connectivity’s experts have worked with many leading internet exchanges including AMS-IX, Equinix, Telehouse, Interoute and London Internet Exchange (Linx). We have also worked with integrators such as Anixter, Babcock, Computacentre and others to provide solutions & products to meet various network infrastructure demands. We have a growing and adaptable product portfolio to support requirements for Enterprise Networks from ducting, cabling enclosures to cabinet frames, patch panels and cable assemblies.

Enterprise networks reduce communication protocols, facilitate system and device interoperability, and improve internal and external enterprise data management. An enterprise network is also known as a corporate network.

In scope, an enterprise network may include local (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN), depending on operational and departmental requirements. An enterprise network can integrate all systems, including computers and operating systems (OS), mainframes and related devices like smartphones and tablets.

An integrated enterprise network combines and uses different device and system communication protocols. It also includes server farms and infrastructure used for cloud computing.

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Medium Enterprise
Data Centres
Hyper-Scale Data Centres

Our dependency and habitual use of devises, that are connected to the Internet, means a stable, reliable network is expected, even where we’re on the go. An unreliable network results in anything from debilitating to catastrophic and can result in financial losses.

According to Gartner, the approximate cost of network downtime is $5,600 per minute; this can be much higher for organisations that rely heavily on technology and data analytics. Many organisations find it difficult to keep up to date with the growing complexities and pace of change of network architectures, transmission speeds and new connectivity components.

As we move further towards an interwoven technical age, data forms an ever more prominent role in society driving demand for ever faster and robust educational campus, business and industrial data infrastructures which, in turn, require an evolving and adaptive supply chain. In recent years we have seen the rise in hyper-scale data centres and, more recently, smart buildings and cities.

Such data hungry infrastructures require adaptable and agile networking connectivity, products and solutions to support this consumer demand. Higher data throughput can be achieved by maximising density within existing network elements like patch panels, building entry points and optical distribution frames (ODF’s). Some speed migration changes to networks can simply be implemented by changing a cable assembly or exchanging modules within ODF’s for a higher density version depending upon the existing network infrastructure design.

Daro Connectivity’s flexible approach supports customers by providing a broad product portfolio of recognised brands in additional to our own design and manufacturing capability providing the added benefit of tailoring products or integrating solutions to meet specific application requirements.

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