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Fabrication Services

Communication Network Fabrication Solutions

Working in conjunction with Daro Manufacturing Services, Daro Connectivity provides a wide range of fabrication services. If you have a design that you need to be manufactured in the UK or you are looking for a quick-turn supplier for new product development, we are here to support you. Our lean manufacturing philosophy helps us to reduce costs and lead times whilst delivering with precision.

Daro Manufacturing Services specialises in working with aluminium, mild and stainless steel, providing qualified welding services. This enables Daro Connectivity to support a wide range of customer applications from large optical distribution frames to small customer premise enclosures.

CNC punching
Sheet metal folding
Laser cutting
TIG welding
MIG welding
Powder coating
Polishing & finishing
Metal machining operations
Segregation of materials
Mild steel
Stainless steel

CNC Punching

CNC punching is generally used for sheet metal of 0.5mm – 3mm. It is a high speed, efficient and cost-effective method to deliver accurate results.

Sheet Metal Folding

Utilising the latest multi-axis press brake machines up to 170 tonnes gives us the capability to fold various sheet metal materials and thicknesses, up to three metres in length, into whatever shape is required.

Laser Cutting

We utilise the latest capability in fibre laser cutting that delivers consistent cuts with an impeccable finish. This high speed, accurate and cleaner method of cutting produces results that require less power to give you a really cost-effective solution. This is particularly useful for projects where large gauge materials are required.

Powder Coating

Available in the full range of RAL and BS colours our electrostatic application of powder-coating paint is a low-cost solvent-free method to achieve a durable attractive finish that is resistant to scratches and chemical corrosion. The automated powder application system can coat complex multidimensional shapes maintaining even coverage and superior results. If you need a cabinet frame or patch panel in a special colour other than light grey or black, we can help.

Welding (TIG & MIG), Polishing and Finishing

We provide TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding MIG (metal inert gas) welding. Whichever process is most appropriate depends on the strength of bond required, the thickness and type of metal to be fused. MIG welding often welds thicker metal objects faster than a TIG weld.

Where polishing and finishing is required, we utilise sisal, spiral sewn and loose buffing techniques working with black, white, blue, green and red compounds as required; according to the metal and finish.

Plastic Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a flexible and adaptable process for shaping plastic. Our plastic vacuum forming experience includes the manufacture products such as machinery covers, enclosures, commercial & industrial light fittings, medical equipment and drips and spillages trays.

Tooling Design and Manufacture

Utilising SolidWorks 3D parametric design software, we can provide designs for injection-moulded parts. Using a multiple number of 3D printers means we have capacity to quickly turn your idea from an on-screen image to a physical sample.

Working with our local supply chain of toolmakers we can take a tool design proposal to manufacturing the final product, in a range of materials, according to the needs of the application. Lean manufacturing processes gives you assurance that this is done in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. This is undertaken whilst also ensuring our proposal utilises RoHS and Reach compliant materials in a comprehensive range of RAL and BS colours.

Method and Quality Assurance

All of our production methods comply to ISO 9001 standards and, where required, we produce and supply to customers’ Just in Time (JIT) and KANBAN processes.

We also provide product design and development services and have
a controlled environment for product assembly.

To discuss your project needs, please contact us either by calling 01787 881191, or email we’d be delighted to hear from you.