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Harsh Environments and Bespoke

Harsh Environment Solutions & Bespoke Product Configuration

Since 2000 our experienced team has worked on several offshore projects to provide unique solutions for fibre optic cable termination. We’re also able to provide products for any onshore links whether they are ducting, cabling and cable termination products at landing stations including equipment cabinets, patch panels and patch cabling.

Our Products Include:
Harsh environment cable assemblies
Harsh environment connectivity
Fibre optic cable
Outside plant joint closures
Cable termination enclosures
External enclosures

Harsh Environments

Harsh environments such as oil and gas, transportation, energy (wind farms) infrastructures require rugged high-performance fibre optic connectivity solutions for the respective systems to enable associated communication devices to achieve optimal performance. Harsh-environment fibre optics encompasses a variety of scenarios, each imposing different condition’s that could threaten the integrity of fibre infrastructure. The environments could be extreme high/low temperatures, shock, vibration, radiation, pressure, corrosive conditions, and anything else that could cause a fibre optic connection to fail.

Daro’s optical fibres are non-metallic and so do not represent a spark hazard and there are no EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) issues. They can be deployed inside, outside, alongside, above and nearby pipelines. Additionally, communications over long distances are achievable without requiring access to equipment for boosting signal levels. Spans of 80km are common in telecoms networks and uninterrupted spans of several hundred kilometres are possible.

Data and communication cables are essential to wind-turbine operations. To meet the physical demands and harsh-operating environments, fibre optic and Bus-Ethernet cables have advantages over others. Wind turbines are one of the most automated pieces of industrial equipment. By sensing changes in the wind, turbines simultaneously change blade pitch, or rotate to change direction to capture the best air currents.

Undersea fibre optic cable solutions allow reliable infrastructures to bring real time, high bandwidth, ultra-reliable communications and power to offshore oil and gas structures and offshore observatories used by scientific research organisations.

Harsh environments such as oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, transportation and energy and utilities infrastructures require ruggedized and armoured fibre optic assemblies for systems and associated devices to achieve optimal performance. The environments could be extreme temperatures, excessive vibration or wet or dry conditions.

Optical fibres and connectivity have many uses in remote sensing. Depending on the application, fibre may be attractive due to:

Small size and space saving properties

No need for electrical power at a remote location

Many sensors can be multiplexed along the length of a fibre by using light wavelength shift for each sensor, or by sensing the time delay as light passes along the fibre through each sensor

Time delay is determined using a device such as an OTDR (optical time-domain reflectometer) and wavelength shift is calculated using an instrument implementing optical frequency domain reflectometry.


Daro Connectivity is a channel partner for several well-known brands and a British manufacturer with dedicated design and development capabilities. We’ve been expert in fibre connectivity since 1990 and are able to provide you with a tailor-made bespoke product or solution to meet your needs. We are experienced in oil rig fibre cable termination ATEX certified enclosures and splice enclosures used in subsea fibre optic cable repair joints

Products which we can support you with include:

  • Bespoke harsh environment cable assemblies
  • Bespoke cable termination enclosures
  • Subsea fibre optic cable repair jointing enclosures

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