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Mechanical, Electrical & Passive Optical Assembly

Mechanical, Electrical & Passive Optical Assembly Services

Product Assembly and Controlled Environment

Based on many years’ experience Daro Connectivity provides a full range of connectivity related product assembly services including the assembly of products that require a controlled environment. In addition to manufacturing our own products we also sub-contract manufacture products.

Controlled Environment

With Daro Group investment, we have a purpose-built self-contained air-conditioned and partially air-pressured assembly area. Not only does it provide an improved working environment for the production team, but it also offers energy savings with the introduction of LED lighting and space that is designed to assist production workflow utilising cell design techniques. The internal building is separated from other manufacturing operations and provides an environment ideally suited to dust-sensitive items such passive fibre optic product assembly.

Sub-contract Mechanical Assembly

Whether you need assembly services for just a few components, an entire product or parts that can be disassembled and reassembled at another site, our skilled team is here to help. If you’re looking for cost-effective assembly services where fast and on-time delivery is important we’d be delighted to discuss your needs. Products leave our factory labelled and packaged as if they were made at one of your own factory locations.

Mechanical Assembly

We regularly design products and solutions for the Enterprise, Fibre Broadband and Wireless communication markets. These products and solutions include elements such as cable assemblies, cabinets, enclosures and cable.

Working alongside Daro Manufacturing Services provides you with an available production facility for a wide range of products that require sheet metal fabrication; such as equipment cabinets, roadside cabinets, patch panels and wall enclosures. Our skilled product assembly team provides support to customers in various ways and our agility means we can adjust quickly to changing requirements.

Bespoke Products

Our engineering team has accumulated years of experience and are highly skilled in understanding customer requirements where an off-the-shelf solution is not always available. They’re able to review the application and where applicable tailor-make a solution whether it’s a bespoke cable assembly design, sub-rack or distribution frame.


Daro Connectivity is a distributor of products and solutions for innovative global suppliers like LEONI Datacom, Optotec S.p.A and US Conec as well as having the capability to produce our own products. This means we can support a wide range of solutions for customer applications. As a distribution partner for these brands, we are skilled in the pre-assemble, pre-configure or consolidation of orders, saving you time and cost on-site, helping you to complete your projects more efficiently.

Testing and Inspection

Our reputation of being a trusted partner comes from our attention to quality control. All of our work is inspected and checked by our qualified staff who work to Daro’s in-house test specifications or to your specific requirements when required.

To discuss your needs, please contact us either by calling 01787 881191, or email we’d be delighted to hear from you.