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Bulkhead Adaptors

Bulkhead Adaptors For Passive Optical LAN (POLAN) Products

Standard Adaptors

Bulkhead adaptors connect two optical cable assemblies together. Standard fibre adaptors allow the mating of the same optical connector type depending upon the application and connectivity type required.

Alignment sleeves within the adaptor can either metallic, phosphor bronze, are typically used for multi-mode applications, or ceramic, zirconia, are typically used for single mode applications.

Some adaptor types offer built-in shutter mechanisms to improve eye safety.

Daro Connectivity offers a wide range of adaptors for multi and single-mode applications.

  • FC and ST adaptors are metal, double ‘D’ hole mounting as standard, optional single ‘D’ version available for FC
  • SC, LC, MU, MPO and MTP® have moulded polymer housings, typically colour coded to designate the fibre type of the mated connectivity.

Hybrid Adaptors

Hybrid bulkhead adaptors connect two different terminated optical cable assemblies together.

Daro Connectivity offers a wide range of hybrid adaptors for both multi and single-mode applications.

For further information and enquiries relating to our range of Bulkhead Adaptors please get in touch.

Product Applications

  • Cable TV networks
  • Telecommunication networks
  • Local area networks (LAN’s)
  • Metropolitan networks
  • Data processing networks
  • Industrial
  • Military

Product Features

  • Metal or plastic housings
  • Various mounting styles and flange options
  • Compliant to IEC and other industry recognized standards
  • Integrated shutter options available for supported connectivity
  • Snap-in and screw-mount versions available
  • Diagonal Zirconia or Straight-split Zirconia sleeve options available
  • Various housing colour options available

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