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Cable Tidy Panels

Daro Connectivity Cable Tidy Panels

Cable Tidy Panel (CTP) 1U 19″ (482.6mm) 4 or 5-Ring Management

The Daro Connectivity range of 19” rack mount cable tidy panels are British designed and manufactured in accordance with industry standards (IEC 60297-3-100 series). Manufactured in the UK by our sister company Daro Manufacturing Services to our designs.

Available in two styles; one with four equally spaced jumper rings and one with five jumper rings, three centrally spaced and one each end rotated ninety degrees allowing for vertical cable routing. Cabling can be routed in either direction to suit individual installation needs.

Cable tidy panels are a cost-effective means of correctly routing structured cabling from panel-to-panel within wall mounted or floor standing networking cabinets or frames.

Meaning future moves, adds or changes (MAC’s) can be swiftly made without impacting other clients due to poor cable management and untidy cabinets.

Each cable tidy panel is CNC punched and folded, jumper rings spot welded to the main panel body then powder coat painted for a durable finish.

Manufactured from 1.2mm (panel) and 1.5mm thick (jumper rings) thick DC01 cold rolled mild steel (BS EN 10130: 2006) then powder coat painted in a matt finish and available in two colours as standard; black (RAL 9005) and light grey (RAL 7035) with white (RAL 9003) as an additional option.

Bespoke requirements are possible as Daro Connectivity have design resource to adapt the product to meet customer needs and manufacture the product in-house.

For more information regarding Daro Connectivity’s Cable Tidy Panels please get in touch.

Product Applications

  • Premise installations, local area (LAN), metro (MAN) and wide area (WAN) networks
  • Telecommunication or data communication networks
  • Audio/visual (AV) installations
  • Broadcasting installations

Product Features

  • 2 & 1.5mm cold rolled mild steel construction (BS EN 10130: 2006)
  • 19” rack mountable
  • Powder coat painted in various colours
  • Bespoke requirements considered

Order Information

Daro Connectivity Cable Tidy Panel 1U 19” 4-Ring

Height (U)
CTP-HOR-01U-19”-04R-LG-FKCable Tidy Panel 1U 19” 4-RingLight Grey1
CTP-HOR-01U-19”-04R-BK-FKCable Tidy Panel 1U 19” 4-RingBlack1
CTP-HOR-01U-19”-04R-WH-FKCable Tidy Panel 1U 19” 4-RingWhite1

Daro Connectivity Cable Tidy Panel 1U 19” 5-Ring

Height (U)
CTP-HOR-01U-19”-05R-LG-FKCable Tidy Panel 1U 19” 5-RingLight Grey1
CTP-HOR-01U-19”-05R-BK-FKCable Tidy Panel 1U 19” 5-RingBlack1
CTP-HOR-01U-19”-05R-WH-FKCable Tidy Panel 1U 19” 5-RingWhite1

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