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Cantilever Shelves

Daro Connectivity Cantilever Shelves

Cantilever Shelves for Loose Equipment in Networking Cabinets

Cantilever Shelves – 19”

Daro Connectivity has a range of Cantilever Shelves in accordance with industry standards (ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173 and IEC 60297-3-1xx series). Manufactured in the UK by our sister company Daro Manufacturing Services to our designs. Available in three depths; three height variants (1U to 3U) and four paint colour options as part of our standard product offering. Shelves include an array of obround slots to provide airflow for any heat exhaust generated by the mounted equipment within the cabinet.

19” Cantilever Shelves provide a means of situating certain networking equipment devices that are needed within a cabinet environment but which are not designed to mount directly to the 19” mounting profiles typical within a wall mounted or floor standing equipment cabinet. Shelves are available in various depths and heights in order to offer customers a broad choice to suit both their application and equipment installation needs.

The Daro Connectivity family of cantilever shelves are manufactured from 1.5mm or 2mm thick DC01+ZE cold rolled mild steel (BS EN 10152: 2017) depending upon the shelf depth and height to ensure robust support for the equipment to be installed. Each shelf is powder coat painted in a matt finish. Light grey (RAL 7035), black (RAL 9005), white (RAL 9003) or sapphire blue (RAL 5003) are the standard colours available. Bespoke requirements can also be accommodated, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For more information regarding Daro Connectivity’s Cantilever Shelves please get in touch.

Product Applications

  • Premise Installations; local area (LAN), metro (MAN) and wide area (WAN) networks
  • Telecommunication or Data Communication Networks
  • Audio/Visual (AV) installations
  • Broadcasting installations

Product Features

  • 1.5mm or 2mm Cold rolled Mild steel construction
  • 19” rack mountable
  • Powder coat painted; various colours available
  • Standard blank, perforated or vented designs
  • Bespoke requirements considered

Order Information

Cantilever Shelves 19” (250mm) deep

Height (U)
RMS-CNTL-1U-19”-250-LG-FK1U 19” Cantilever ShelfLight Grey1
RMS-CNTL-1U-19”-250-BK-FK1U 19” Cantilever PanelBlack1
RMS-CNTL-2U-19”-250-LG-FK2U 19” Cantilever ShelfLight Grey2
RMS-CNTL-2U-19”-250-BK-FK2U 19” Cantilever PanelBlack2

Cantilever Shelves 19” (350mm) deep

Height (U)
RMS-CNTL-1U-19”-350-LG-FK1U 19” Cantilever ShelfLight Grey1
RMS-CNTL-1U-19”-350-BK-FK1U 19” Cantilever PaneBlack1
RMS-CNTL-2U-19”-350-LG-FK2U 19” Cantilever ShelfLight Grey2
2U 19” Cantilever PanelBlack2

Cantilever Shelves 19” (400mm) deep

Height (U
RMS-CNTL-3U-19”-400-LG-FK3U 19” Cantilever ShelfLight Grey3
MS-CNTL-3U-19”-400-BK-FK3U 19” Cantilever PanelBlack3

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