Category 6 U/FTP Cable

Category 6 U/FTP Cable
  • Better than Category 6
  • Bandwidth 450 MHz
  • VDE Certified
  • RoHS and REACH conformity

Category 6 U/FTP Cable

LEONI’s MegaLine® E2-45 U/F (type KS-02YSH / 4x2xAWG 23/1 PIMF), is a low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) jacketed Category 6 shielded (U/FTP) cable.  Four twisted pairs cabled together and encompassed within a halogen free, flame-retardant yellow (RAL 1021) cable sheath.  The LEONI MegaLine® E2-45 U/F Category 6 cable is ideal for all applications of classes D to E (defined in ISO/IEC 11801), up to 1 GbE according to IEE 802.3 ab, VoIP and PoE.

The LEONI MegaLine® range of products encompasses everything from copper data cables, ready-made patch cords and trunk cables with connection components through to complete cabling systems.

LEONI’s MegaLine® E2-45 U/F offers performance greater than Category 6 according to EN 50288 and IEC 61156 with a typical bandwidth of 450 MHz.  Cable jacket is printed with manufacturer information, cable type/specification, CPR Class, Declaration of Performance (DoP), VDE Mark, made in Germany, batch number and metre mark.

If you’re unsure if this cable is suitable for your application LEONI has provided an intuitive system for categorising the capabilities of their MegaLine® cables.  LEONI’s SPACE concept is based on a pragmatic and clearly structured matrix.  This decision-making aid will help you to quickly find the right data cable for your application.  The concept is based on the classification of the five main selection criteria for determining the potential overall performance of a data cable:


Technical Information:

  • Class E: link/channel up to 250 MHz using Category 6 cable/connectors
  • Flame retardancy: acc. to IEC 60332-1-2
  • Fire class: Dca s2 d2 a1 to EN 50575 / 50399
  • Product standard: EN 50288-6-1 (2014) / IEC 61156-5 (2009)

Contact us now for further information and enquiries regarding LEONI’s MegaLine® E2-45 U/F Category 6 shielded cable.

For details on the connectivity to complement the cabling please check the copper connectivity product details.


  • IEC and EIA/TIA CLASS E/Category systems
  • ISO/IEC 11801
  • EN 50173
  • EN 50288
  • IEC 61156
  • IEEE 802.3 ab
  • VoIP
  • PoE


  • Exceeds performance requirements for Category 6 cable
  • Yellow (RAL 1021) LSZH jacket
  • Bandwidth 450 MHz
  • 500 or 1000m reels
  • Supports Power Over Ethernet (PoE) applications
  • VDE certified
  • Low skew, Very Good NEXT
  • Fire Class – Dca s2 d2 a1 acc. to EN 50575 / 50399
  • RoHS and REACh conformity

Ordering Information

Outer Ø Approx. (mm)
CPR Class
DoP No
Drum Length (m)
Sheath Colour
DFP-LKD7KS600050050 7.4 Dca s2 d2 a1 CDESK0000001 500 Yellow, RAL 1021
DFP-LKD7KS600050100 7.4 Dca s2 d2 a1 CDESK0000001 1000 Yellow, RAL 1021

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