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Closure Mounting Accessories

Closure Mounting Accessories

Optotec’s FOCUS range of closure mounting accessories. These have been designed specifically for use with the FOCUS ODC, CODC, DOC, CDOC and MSC closures for wall or pole mounting.

The wall mount bracket (WMB) kits allow for the secure mounting of the closure either in a horizontal plane (typically within man-holes, tunnels for example) or vertically for wall installations. Pole deployments would utilise the pole mount bracket (PMB) kits which allow vertical fixation of the closure to the pole. All standard bracket kits are fabricated from mild steel and then go through a galvanising process (BS EN ISO 1461) to ensure a robust and environment resistant finish.
Individual cable fixation bracket (FOCUS-CODCKIT-CFB) kits can be used with the compact optical distribution closure (CODC) and compact demarcation optical closure (CDOC).

Optical distribution closure (ODC) and demarcation optical closure (DOC) will also accept one fixation bracket kit for the ‘A’ base. These fixation brackets support incoming/outgoing cables or micro-ducts, most typically used when deploying the closures with cold sealing.

For the mass splice closure (MSC) you can use two fixation bracket kits per closure. If the standard bracket kits will not suffice for your application, please contact us as we have the design and manufacturing expertise on-site to provide you with bespoke solutions should they be required.

Product Applications

  • FTTx networks
  • Telecom & metropolitan networks
  • DIN EN 10130:2006
  • BS EN 10088-2:2014
  • BS EN ISO 1461:2009

Product Features

  • Galvanised steel fabrication
  • Stainless steel versions also available for extreme environments
  • Wall mount and pole mount specific brackets
  • Cable fixation bracket option available to use with the ODC, CODC and MSC closures
  • Kits include necessary fixings

Ordering Information

Reference PN
FOCUS-ODCKIT-WMBFOCUS ODC closure wall mount bracket kit
FOCUS-CODCKIT-WMBFOCUS CODC closure wall mount bracket kit
FOCUS-ODCKIT-PMBFOCUS ODC closure pole mount bracket kit
FOCUS-CODCKIT-PMBFOCUS CODC closure pole mount bracket kit
FOCUS-CODCKIT-CFBFOCUS CODC closure cable fixation bracket kit

For further information & enquiries for non-standard solutions relating to closure mounting accessories please get in touch.

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