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DClink Modular Patch Panels

DClink Modular Patch Panels

Kerpen Datacom DClink 19″ 1U & 3U Modular Patch Panels

Daro Connectivity are an authorised distributor for Kerpen Datacom’s DClink pre-assembled, pre-tested turnkey solution – guarantees the future viability of your data centre, local or storage area networks. The goal is to offer you a system with the maximum degree of packing density, flexibility, security and functionality – not just for today’s applications.

DClink lets you install fibre optic and copper cabling in the same rack unit. Optimal port densities ensure you make the best use of the available space. We supply you with completely pre-assembled, pre-tested and ready-to-connect links that merely need to be laid and then “clicked into” the DClink modular panel. Optimized handling ensures the shortest possible installation times as well as extremely fast moves, additions or changes (MACs). Once the right selection has been made, migration to 25, 40 and 100 Gbit/s is child’s play.

Available in a 1U high or 3U high chassis and three height sizes of pluggable modules. Manufactured from mild steel and powder coat painted in black (RAL 9005). 1U high chassis includes four openings for DClink pluggable modules with capacity for 4 x 7HP modules, 8 x 7/2HP modules or 12 x 7/3 HP modules. The 3U high chassis includes four openings for DClink pluggable modules with capacity for 12 x 7HP modules or 24 x 7/2HP modules.

The DClink plug and play system is supplemented by a range of useful accessories such as blanking modules, MPO/MTP® cassette modules, splice and patch cassette modules, front cable tray with removable front, rear-mounted cable tray, overlength storage tray and labelling strips.

For a quotation or more information regarding Kerpen Datacom’s DClink Plug & Play Modular Patch Panels please Contact Us.

Product Applications

  • Data centres
  • Local area networks
  • Central office

Product Features

  • Mild steel chassis
  • Powder coat painted, black RAL 9005
  • Screen printed
  • Fibre and copper connectivity can be mixed
  • Pre-assembled and factory tested trunks

Order Information

DFP-LKD9S0000010000DClink module rack 19″ / 1 RU straightBlack, RAL 90051U high 19”
DFP-LKD9S0000030000DClink module rack 19″ / 3 RU straightBlack, RAL 90053U high 19”

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