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Fibre Cable Assemblies

Daro Connectivity - Fibre Cable Assemblies

Fibre Optic Interconnect Cable Assembly Solutions

Daro Connectivity provides a wide range of fibre cable assemblies including; pigtails, simplex and duplex patch cords, fan-out and break-out assemblies. The range also includes:

  • Multi-fibre connectivity in the form of MTP® terminated patch
  • Trunk and fan-out assemblies utilising US Conec’s MTP® connectivity technology
  • A range of Active Optical Cables (AOC) for high speed data connections within data centres; typically for 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit transmission speeds

AOC assemblies integrate multi-mode optical fibre, fibre optic transceivers, control chip and modules. The assemblies utilise electrical-to-optical conversion at each end to improve speed and distance performance without sacrificing compatibility with standard electrical interfaces. AOC’s can be deployed over significantly longer distances than the equivalent direct attach copper assemblies.

All fibre assemblies are factory-based assembly; machined polished, visually inspected and optically tested using standards-based test methods to ensure repeatable high performance, intermateability and durability.

  • Pigtails are available with white buffer or coloured sets
  • Standard jacketed fibre colours are; yellow for single mode, orange for multi-mode 62/125 (OM1) and multi-mode 50/125 (OM2), aqua for laser optimised multi-mode 50/125 (OM3), heather violet for laser optimised 50/125 (OM4) and lime green for wide band multi-mode (OM5) fibre
  • MTP® assemblies use US Conec’s connectors and housing colour coding
  • AOC cables are available for 10, 25, 40 and 100 gigabit transmission speeds depending upon the interface type required

For further information and enquiries about our range of fibre cable assemblies please get in touch.

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