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Fibre-Optic Cable

Daro Connectivity is an authorised distributor of LEONI’s GigaLine® range of fibre optic cabling from standard internal simplex to external armoured loose tube and FTTH drop and micro cables. These products are manufactured by the well-established LEONI brand.

LEONI is a global supplier of wires, optical fibres, cables and cable systems as well as related development services for applications in the automotive business and other industries.

Office-Indoor Cabling with multi-mode or single-mode fibres depending on data rates and distances. Halogen-free and flame-retardant jacket materials with highly reduced weight, small outside diameter and flexible but sturdy construction. Ranging from simplex and duplex cables to mini break-out cables and break-out cables (flat or round).

Outdoor Campus Cabling for primary and secondary cabling in local networks (LAN) and in the MAN/WAN area. Universal cable for avoiding interfaces for high mechanical demands or non-metallic or metallic reinforcement and integrated humidity barrier for different ambient conditions. Halogen-free and UV-resistant PE-jacket.

FTTH Cable Cabling for High Speed Networks suitable for blowing into empty conduits with optimal gliding ability making it possible to blow in larger lengths in one piece. Including multi-pair stranded cables with small outside diameter (Mini Cable) and also house connection cables with just two or four fibres with central tube (Micro Cable). Compliant with cable re-protection requirements in the in-house environment with smallest bending radii allowed by the use of the newest single-mode fibres.

For further information and enquiries relating to our range of Fibre Optic Cable please navigate to the individual product pages identified or if you don’t see the product or solution you require please get in touch.

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