Fibre Optic Cleaning Cassettes

Fibre Optic Cleaning Cassettes

Daro Connectivty provides US Conec’s range of OPTIPOP R cassette cleaners. The OPTIPOP R is a fibre optic cleaning cassette that can be refilled to help reduce the cost per clean, making it an excellent cleaner to use in production facilities, data centre installations and other applications where unmated fibre optic connectors are used.

This cleaner offers multiple versions for cleaning various types of connector end faces from single fibre like the SC and LC to multi-fibre such as the MTP® Brand, MPO and MTRJ connectors. The anti-static cloth material used in these cassettes produces a pristine fibre end face and minimizes contaminant attraction.

US Conec has a version of the OPTIPOP R cassette cleaning tool that is ideal for field use at FTTX work sites. This version accommodates the OptiTap™ connector housing making it ideal for technicians that need to clean OptiTap™ plug connectors on drop cables.

The cleaning fabric is pre-washed and produces less than 70 pcs per CFM of particles that are > 1mm in size, making this an excellent cleaning cassette for use in any production setting including clean rooms.

A great feature of this cassette is that all versions utilize the same replacement reel part number. Replacement reels are easy to install and offer 400+ cleanings per reel.

For further information and enquiries relating to our range of Fibre Optic Cleaning Cassettes please get in touch.

Product Applications

  • Data centres
  • Central office
  • Local area networks (LAN’s)
  • FTTx networks
  • Fibre termination production facilities
  • Test and measurement labs
  • Any application using un-mated connectors

Product Features

  • Universal replacement reels
  • 400+ cleanings
  • Eliminates electrostatic charge
  • The washed, ultra clean micro-fibre cloth captures debris and other contamination
  • The cloth is robust, it does not fray or leave any fibrous materials behind
  • The most cost-effective high-end cleaning solution available

MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.
OptiTap is a registered trademark of Corning Inc.

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