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Heat Shrink Sealing Kits

Heat Shrink Sealing Kits

Optotec’s FOCUS range of fibre optic closure heat shrink sealing kits. Seal kits consist of heat shrinkable tubing manufactured from high performance cross-linked polyolefin coated internally with hot-melt adhesive to provide high mechanical and environmental protection.

When heated with a standard gas torch, or similar heat source, the tubing shrinks to follow the shape of the closure ports and fibre optic cables to be protected. The hot melt adhesives, or sealant, flows to fill any cavities or uneven surfaces to guarantee high level of ingress protection (IP 68).

Inside every seal kit are all the components to prepare and mechanically terminate all type of fibre optic cables with different constructions whether installation is for the round or oval ports on Optotec’s ODC, CODC, DOC, CDOC or MSC closure portfolio.

For more information on the range of outside plant fibre closures associated with these accessories; please see the: Round Dome Splice Closure, Flat Dome Splice Closure and Mass Splice Dome Closure for more information.

Product Applications

  • Telecom networks
  • Metropolitan networks
  • FTTP & FTTx networks

Product Features

  • IP 68 (per IEC 60529)
  • Round or oval closure port sealing
  • High quality thermoplastic material
  • For various common fibre optic cable types

Ordering Information – Oval Port

Reference PN
FOCUS-ODCKIT-OVAL-PORT-SEAL-LTOval Port Heat Shrink Seal Kit for ODC (Bases A-C), CODC (Base A) and MSC closure

Ordering Information –Round Port

Reference PN
FOCUS-ODCKIT-ROUND-PORT-A-SEAL-LTRound Port Heat Shrink Seal Kit for ODC (Bases A & C), CODC (Base A) and MSC closure
FOCUS-ODCKIT-ROUND-PORT-B-SEAL-LTRound Port Heat Shrink Seal Kit for ODC (Base B)

For further information & enquiries relating to heat shrink sealing kits please get in touch.

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