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Mass Splice Dome Closures

Mass Splice Dome Closures

Optotec’s FOCUS MSC range of mass splice fibre optic closures. Environmentally sealed with modular cassette management system enabling splicing and passive optical component integration in outside plant (OSP) fibre optic networks. Available in component form or kitted for specific requirements.

The FOCUS MSC range is a butt cable entry design with one dome length to ensure a solution to current network requirements can be readily accommodated. Closures can be deployed underground in man-holes, hand-holes or in pole-mount, wall and aerial applications and are available with pressure valve and grounding kit if required.

Mass splice dome closures are available in one base style; ‘A’ with single oval port and 6 round ports. Bases can accommodate heat-shrink and cold sealing. Please see Heat Shrink Sealing Kits, Cold Seal Kits and Closure Mounting Accessories for further details.

Available in one dome height to accommodate the required customer splicing density. Dome ‘C’ 770mm high with maximum splice capacity of 768 fibres. Fibre splicing and management is undertaken by Optotec’s MST (mass splice tray) system accommodating 96 fibre splicing per tray and supports either heat-shrink or crimp style splice protection.

Product Applications

  • Telecom networks
  • Metropolitan networks
  • FTTP & FTTx networks
  • Underground, aerial or pole mountable
  • In-line, branch, track joint configurations

Product Features

  • IP 68 (per IEC 60529)
  • Base and dome with silicone seal and clamp system
  • High quality thermoplastic material
  • Management capability for various common fibre optic cable types
  • Uncut fibres can be stored in the splice cassettes or cable sub-units can be stored between the cassette management system

Ordering Information

Reference PN
FOCUS-MSC-AC-H1MSC Closure with ‘C’ Dome and ‘A’ Base (1 oval port & 6 round) includes 1 x MSC tray
FOCUS-MSCKIT-MST-H1 x MSC Splice Tray for max. 96 fibres. Heat shrink splice holder includes tray cover

For further information & enquiries relating to mass splice closures please get in touch.

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