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Micro Splice-Patch Closures

Micro Splice-Patch Closures

Optotec’s FOCUS µOTP (micrOTP) range of compact fibre optic splice-patch closures. The highly versatile FOCUS µOTP closure has been designed specifically with FTTx Networks in mind. With a volume of ≤ 2 litres (240 x 155 x 65mm [HxWxD]), high impact resistance (IK 10) and ingress protection (IP 68) its ideally suited for installation in a wide variety of applications in the outside plant environment. It is mechanically sealed and offered with the option of a pressure valve and grounding point.

µOTP can be used in in-line or butt configurations, with the ability for quick re-entry due to its simple latch style open-close mechanism. Selective access to the splicing and patching area managed via the hinged splice tray with splice tray cover. Cable entry sealing is controlled with seal inserts, four entry/exits are located at the top and bottom of the closure. Please see Micro Seal Kits for further details on the available sealing options.

All µOTP versions have a simple; practical fibre management system that combines the functions of splicing, termination and integration of passive optical components. The product complies with EN-50411-2-10 – fibre organisers and closures to be used in optical fibre communication systems – product specifications – Part 2-10: sealed fibre splice closures type 2, category G, for FTTH optical distribution networks.

FOCUS µOTP closures are available in two colours, black or light grey allowing end users an aesthetic choice for suitable deployments to blend within its surroundings.

Product Applications

  • FTTx networks
  • Underground, aerial or façade mountable
  • Can be integrated within pedestals or street side cabinets
  • In-line or butt configurations
  • EN-50411-2-10

Product Features

  • IP 68 (per IEC 60529)
  • IK 10 (per IEC 62262)
  • Compatible with G.652.D and G.657. A series fibres
  • Volume of ≤2 litres
  • High quality thermoplastic material
  • Connection for up to 12 subscribers
  • Main cable entry 4-16mm
  • Drop cable entry 4-6mm

Ordering Information

Reference PN
FOCUS-MICROTP-BASIC-GYGrey Focus MICROTP with 1 tray, for 12 splices standard heat-shrinkable splice holder
+ 2 blind gaskets, 2 feeder gaskets + 4 drop gaskets
FOCUS-MICROTP-BASIC-BYBlack Focus MICROTP with 1 tray, for 12 splices standard heat-shrinkable splice holder
+ 2 blind gaskets, 2 feeder gaskets + 4 drop gaskets

For further information & enquiries relating to micro splice-patch closures please get in touch.

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