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Miller® Round Cable Slitting Tool

Miller® Round Cable Slitting Tool

Miller® RCS Series Round Cable Jacket Strippers

Daro Connectivity are pleased to bring recognised global Ripley® tooling brand Miller® to our customers having become an authorised distributor. Miller® tools are a reliable, trusted brand of choice aimed at installers, field engineers & technicians for precision cable preparation applications.

The Miller® RCS Series of Round Cable Jacket Strippers are durable tools engineered for installers and cabling technicians to undertake fast, safe & precise jacket removal on PE, PVC, rubber & other cables. Two models are available; RCS-114 covers small to medium diameter hard jacketed cables (4.5-29mm) whilst RSC-158 covers medium to large diameter hard jacketed cables (19-40mm). Both RCS versions use a common replacement blade.

A spring-loaded cable brace firmly wedges the cable against the blade to provide controlled radial, spiral longitudinal cuts on cable ends or mid-spans on hard jacketed cables. Each RCS series tool has an ergonomic, rounded handle design, an easily adjustable blade depth and rugged PTFE-coated blade housing.

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  • Fibre Optic Cabling
  • Voice / Data Cabling
  • Telecom Cabling
  • Industrial Cabling


  • Ergonomic round handle design
  • Adjustable blade depth
  • Controlled radial, spiral longitudinal cuts on cable ends or mid-spans
  • Engineered for fast, safe & precise jacket removal

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