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Rack Mount Blanking Panels

Daro Connectivity Cantilever Shelves

Blanking Panels 1U To 6U High 19″ (482.6mm) For Unused Rack Space

The Daro Connectivity range of 19” rack mount blanking panels are British designed and manufactured in accordance with industry standards (IEC 60297-3-100 series). Manufactured in the UK by our sister company Daro Manufacturing Services to our designs.

The range includes three panel types:

  • Standard blank
  • Perforated
  • Vented

Each is available in six height variants (1U to 6U) in 1U height increments in two standard paint colours and two further optional colours.

Blanking panels are a perfect solution for covering unutilised rack space and play a key role in applications where there is a need to improve rack airflow management by reducing hot and cold airflow from mixing.

As part of an overall airflow management strategy the circular perforations prevent* hot active equipment exhaust circulating back to the front of the rack. Mixing with cold air to cool the equipment can efficiently improve the management of cooling and help to achieve energy cost savings.

Panels are CNC punched from 1.2mm thick DC01+ZE cold rolled mild steel (BS EN 10152: 2017), folded with a top/bottom return flange for additional rigidity and are powder coat painted.

For more information regarding Daro Connectivity’s Rack Mount Blanking Panels please get in touch.

*Prevention will be achieved when installed correctly.

Standard colours

  • Light grey RAL 7035
  • Black RAL 9005

Optional colours

  • White RAL 9003
  • Sapphire blue RAL 5003

Product Applications

  • Data centres
  • Premise installations; local area (LAN), metro (MAN) and wide area (WAN) networks
  • Telecommunication or data communication networks
  • Audio/visual (AV) installations
  • Broadcasting installations

Product Features

  • 1.2mm cold rolled mild steel construction (BS EN 10152:2017)
  • 19” rack mountable
  • Powder coat painted
  • Blank, perforated, or vented designs
  • Bespoke requirements considered

Order Information

Daro Connectivity Rack Mount Blanking Panels

Height (U)
RMP-BLNK-1U-19”-LG-FK1U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey1
RMP-BLNK-1U-19”-BK-FK1U 19” Blanking PanelBlack1
RMP-BLNK-2U-19”-LG-FK2U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey2
RMP-BLNK-2U-19”-BK-FK2U 19” Blanking PanelBlack2
RMP-BLNK-3U-19”-LG-FK3U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey3
RMP-BLNK-3U-19”-BK-FK3U 19” Blanking PanelBlack3
RMP-BLNK-4U-19”-LG-FK4U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey4
RMP-BLNK-4U-19”-BK-FK4U 19” Blanking PanelBlack4
RMP-BLNK-5U-19”-LG-FK5U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey5
RMP-BLNK-5U-19”-BK-FK5U 19” Blanking PanelBlack5
RMP-BLNK-6U-19”-LG-FK6U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey6
RMP-BLNK-6U-19”-BK-FK6U 19” Blanking PanelBlack6

Daro Connectivity Rack Mount Perforated Panels

Height (U)
RMP-PERF-1U-19”-LG-FK1U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey1
RMP-PERF-1U-19”-BK-FK1U 19” Blanking PanelBlack1
RMP-PERF-2U-19”-LG-FK2U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey2
RMP-PERF-2U-19”-BK-FK2U 19” Blanking PanelBlack2
RMP-PERF-3U-19”-LG-FK3U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey3
RMP-PERF-3U-19”-BK-FK3U 19” Blanking PanelBlack3
RMP-PERF-4U-19”-LG-FK4U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey4
RMP-PERF-4U-19”-BK-FK4U 19” Blanking PanelBlack4
RMP-PERF-5U-19”-LG-FK5U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey5
RMP-PERF-5U-19”-BK-FK5U 19” Blanking PanelBlack5
RMP-PERF-6U-19”-LG-FK6U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey6
RMP-PERF-6U-19”-BK-FK6U 19” Blanking PanelBlack6

Daro Connectivity Rack Mount Vented Panels

Height (U)
RMP-VENT-1U-19”-LG-FK1U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey1
RMP-VENT-1U-19”-BK-FK1U 19” Blanking PanelBlack1
RMP-VENT-2U-19”-LG-FK2U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey2
RMP-VENT-2U-19”-BK-FK2U 19” Blanking PanelBlack2
RMP-VENT-3U-19”-LG-FK3U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey3
RMP-VENT-3U-19”-BK-FK3U 19” Blanking PanelBlack3
RMP-VENT-4U-19”-LG-FK4U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey4
RMP-VENT-4U-19”-BK-FK4U 19” Blanking PanelBlack4
RMP-VENT-5U-19”-LG-FK5U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey5
RMP-VENT-5U-19”-BK-FK5U 19” Blanking PanelBlack5
RMP-VENT-6U-19”-LG-FK6U 19” Blanking PanelLight Grey6
RMP-VENT-6U-19”-BK-FK6U 19” Blanking PanelBlack6

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