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Splice-Patch Enclosures

Splice-Patch Enclosures

Daro Connectivity is an authorised distributor of Optotec’s FOCUS NGB PTE range of customer premise fibre optic splice & patch enclosures. Environmentally sealed, utilising a modular cassette management system enabling cable-to-pigtail splicing. They are used as demarcation point from operator network to end-user connection.

The FOCUS NGB PTE range are a butt cable entry enclosure design, injection moulded from high-quality thermoplastic material. Offering the installer configurations for eight to twenty-four fibre subscriber connections based on SC connectivity. Enclosures can be deployed indoors; externally on façade walls, street side cabinets or in pole-mount applications.

  • NGB PTE 08 enclosures (using the NGB 0 enclosure) are suitable for a maximum of eight subscribers (SC connectivity)
  • NGB PTE 16 enclosures (using the NGB 1 enclosure) are suitable for a maximum of sixteen subscribers (SC connectivity)
  • NGB PTE 24 enclosures (using the NGB 2 enclosure) are suitable for a maximum of twenty-four subscribers (SC connectivity)

Please refer to the product pages Premise Enclosure Seal Kits for further details on the wide range of cable entry sealing accessories available.

Fibre splicing and management is undertaken with Optotec’s FOCUS SAM (splice array modules) system which introduce various splicing densities and functionality for single fibre, multi-fibre heat-shrink or crimp style splice protection. Please refer to the product page Splice Array Modules for further details.

For a quote or more information regarding the splice-patch premise enclosures please get in touch.

Product Applications

  • Telecom networks
  • FTTP, FTTH and PON networks
  • Indoor wall, outdoor wall or pole mountable

Product Features

  • IP 54 (per IEC 60529)
  • Base and lid with silicone seal and clamp system
  • High quality thermoplastic material
  • Management capability for common fibre optic cable types

Ordering Information – FOCUS NGB PTE Splice-Patch Enclosures


FOCUS-PTE-08-NGB0Splice-Patch Box up to 8 end customers
FOCUS-PTE-16-NGB1Splice-Patch Box up to 16 end customers
FOCUS-PTE-24-NGB2Splice-Patch Box up to 24 end customers

Technical Information – FOCUS NGB PTE Splice-Patch Enclosures

Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm’s
FOCUS-NGB0170 x 110 x 70
FOCUS-NGB1255 x 165 x 110
FOCUS-NGB2325 x 216 x 125

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