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Daro Connectivity - Tools and accessories

Tools & Accessories Ideal Fibre Optic Installation Projects

Daro Connectivity provides a range of tools and accessories used by Datacom and Telecom field engineers.

  • MegaLine® Connect45 Pressing Tool specifically designed for termination of the MegaLine® Connect45 Cable Plugs. It takes just a single step to press the contacts of the cable connect or together and remove excess wires.
  • NEOCLEANS stick uses a micro woven fabric for the cleaning medium that can be used for dry only or wet-dry cleaning. The NEOCLEANS stick provides excellent cleaning performance for 1.25 or 2.5mm connectivity and is notched for easy customization for limited access in bulk-head connection and optical modules
  • IBC™ brand of single fibre cleaners can be used to effectively clean various single fibre connectors such as FC, LC, SC, LC Duplex and M250; residing in an adapter or faceplate and unmated.
  • The OPTIPOPR is a fibre optic cleaning cassette that can be refilled to help reduce the cost per clean. This is a great cleaner to use in production facilities, data centre installations and other applications where unmated fibre optic connectors are used.
  • Sumix’s Scopio range (SMX-Scopio and SMX-Scopio-B) are manual focus digital camera devices for the visualisation of connector end faces and analysis of possible connector defects infield-use. The probes can be used to inspect end faces within bulkhead adaptors or for patch cord end faces prior to mating.
  • Sumix’s SMX-Manta-W+auto-focus visual inspection probe for single and multi-fibre connectivity such as MTP®, MPO, PRIZM, QSFP, ARINC, MIL-38999, ODC12, high-power SMA, Avim, mini-Avim, OptiTip®/OptiTap® connectors.
  • SENKO’s range of loopbacks with LC or MPO connectivity, designed to provide a connectivity return path for a fibre transmission signal.

For further information and enquiries relating to our range of Tools and Accessories please see individual product pages or please get in touch.

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