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Wall Outlets

Optotec FOCUS FTTH Customer Connection Wall Outlets

Daro Connectivity is an authorised distributor of Optotec’s FOCUS wall outlet. The FOCUS wall outlet is deployed in an inside plant environment, typically for FTTH single-dwelling unit (SDU) customer connection applications. Mounted on the wall, it consists of enclosure base, splice cassette and enclosure cover.

Injection moulded in high quality thermoplastic material in white (RAL 9010) for an aesthetically non-intrusive simple final fibre termination point within a customer premise. There are two versions available, the FW05 which supports up to two SC simplex adaptors & pigtails or two LC Duplex (SC simplex footprint) adaptors and four pigtails. Alternatively, there is the FW09 which supports up to four SC simplex adaptors & pigtails or four LC Duplex (SC simplex footprint) adaptors and eight pigtails. Due to the higher density the FW09 can also be used in multi-dwelling units as a floor distribution enclosure.

The incoming fibre optic cable can be fed to the wall outlet from the top side, bottom side or from the back. The wall outlet body is fixed to the wall with screws and is used for entrance and routing of the optical installation cable and mounting of optical adapters (1-4 pcs). A hinged splice cassette allows for easy installation and neatly separates the splicing function from the customer patching field. Heat-shrink splice protectors or mechanical splices protectors can be fixed easily on the splice cassette.
A cover protects the contents of the wall outlet and is fixed to the wall outlet without screws. The construction of the wall outlet ensures a minimum bending radius for the pigtails of 20 mm. Adaptors and pigtails are available separately, if you would prefer pre-configured wall outlets with adaptors and pigtails pre-installed please get in touch.

Product Applications

  • FTTP and FTTH networks
  • Fibre to the desk
  • Subscriber connectivity

Product Features

  • IP 53 (per IEC 60529) FW05 / IP40 (per IEC 60529) FW09
  • Separate compartments for splicing and patching
  • Supports up to 4 x SC or 4 x LC Duplex (SC footprint) adaptors
  • High quality thermoplastic material
  • Suitable for use with bend-insensitive fibre types only
  • Accommodates heat shrink or mechanical splice protectors

Ordering Information – FOCUS Wall Outlet

FOCUS-FW05-00-00Focus FW05 Wall Outlet without adapters and without pigtails
FOCUS-FW09-00-00Focus FW09 Wall Outlet without adapters and without pigtails

Technical Information – FOCUS Wall Outlet

Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm’s
FOCUS-FW05-00-00105 x 80 x 22
FOCUS-FW09-00-0085 x 100 x 30

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